CARES Act, Update, Withholding

Executive What?

Now that Congress is out of session for their summer vacation, the President left some notes for his Cabinet before he, too, left the White House. Leaving all politics aside, let’s dive in to the notes that were passed after class. Click on the title to read each item directly on the White House website: Executive Order on Fighting the…

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CARES Act, Funding, Small Business

Is The Third Time The Charm?

Things in Congress have been relatively quiet of late, thank goodness. After the flurry of activity in March and April, May was a nice reprieve. However, May also brought with it an entire new set of questions to be answered.  We received the Payroll Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application from the Small Business Association and the Final Interim Rules from…

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Planning; It Is About Taming Chaos

I think it is safe to say that most of us are living in a state of uncertainty. Confusion abounds and we are starting to get a bit stir crazy. Our frustrations from not being able to do the activities that we enjoy or having a night on the town or even knowing when or if we will go back…

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